Getting going

Simple, private, self-hosted, cookie free website day...maybe

Getting going

I’ve now got a fresh install of Laravel, which will be the framework I’ll try to build this on – it’s both the framework I’m most familiar with, and the one I’m trying to learn more about.

I’m going to try to take an approach called “Test Driven Development” (TDD) – which I’m also trying to learn more about.  This process involves writing an automated test BEFORE you write the code that makes the application work.  So the test you write fails, and then you work until the test passes.

I’ve seen TDD done one test at a time, but I already have an idea of what tests I will need to write, so I’ve gone ahead and added a bunch of tests by name only.  Thinks like:

  • a_page_view_can_be_tracked
  • a_page_view_for_an_unknown_domain_fails
  • a_page_view_logs_the_correct_user_agent

These tests aren’t fleshed out yet, they’re reminders of what I need to write.  I have some idea of what I will need for this to work. And I’d normally keep these as todos somewhere, but I’m trying to use my test names as my todos here.

I’ve also got some of the code working and tests passing.  I can basically track a simple page view right now.

I’ve also created a test for being able to display the results and coded that up to get it passing too.

So, right now, I’ve got something that looks like this: