Month: March 2018

Simple, private, self-hosted, cookie free website day...maybe

Why am I doing this, again?

I’m totally open to the idea that I will probably end up realising that there are too many problems to solve here and I’ll end up using an off-the-shelf, open source tool instead. But I’m plugging on because it’s fun. I actually now have a very very basic working system that is collecting data from…
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Should I aggregate counts, if and so, when?

As I build this thing I’m constantly thinking about performance. I need registering a page view to be as fast and efficient as possible because on a busy site you don’t want to clog the server up with logging views and you want to avoid race conditions where two page views are updating the same…
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Difficult Dates

I had an interesting thought about dates which led to me learning something and then feeling a bit stupid. The thing to bear in mind here is that I’m thinking a lot about how this tool could accumulate a LOT of data, and how I can make reporting fast.  Perhaps I should jus trust MySQL,…
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