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Simple, private, self-hosted, cookie free website analytics...one day...maybe

Tracking return visits with The Anonymous Cookie

I’m still working through the pros and cons of using cookies. On the one hand, they seem like they will allow some super-useful things at relatively low cost, such as tracking a returning visitor in order to show “visitors” and “unique visitors”. But adding non-essential cookies (analytics are classed as non-essential) means that, in theory,…
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More thoughts on HOW to track

There seems to be a few possible ways to do the tracking and I think it broadly falls into two categories: use JavaScript to send a request request a resource (image, CSS) using an HTML tag or a CSS property I talked before about the fact that requesting a resource wouldn’t send the details of…
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Thoughts on WHAT to track and report

I’ve been thinking about not just HOW to track, but WHAT to track. And these are related. My tracking method will, to some extent, dictate what I can track.  For example, using a simple pixel image or reference to a URL in HTML or CSS will not be able to send me the URL of…
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Choosing how to track

I’ve been trying to work out how best to do the tracking.  There seem to be two options: Request a resource using CSS or an image Make a JS call The main disadvantage of the CSS/image approach is that it won’t be able to send a referrer so we won’t be able to see where…
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